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Concrete slab raising and leveling:
(Sidewalks, driveways, patios, garage and basement floors)

Our soil in Utah is particularly susceptible to settling, resulting in sidewalks, driveways and porches sinking causing uneven concrete surfaces and possible trip hazards. Once the concrete slab has settled, additional water runs toward the resulting crack which leads to more problems under the concrete. There are two possible solutions. One solution is to bring in equipment and tear out your existing concrete along with sprinkler systems and landscaping, then replacing with new concrete. Once replaced, it cannot be used for an extended period or time. The best solution is to simply call Precision Concrete Leveling. We will strategically drill 1.5 inch holes through the concrete, pump a cement grout under the slab, gently raising the slab to the original position, and patch the holes with a special non shrinking repair. As soon as we are done cleaning up, it is ready for you to use.

Concrete Leveling Before and After



Void filling:

Many times after the concrete has been laid, the ground settles leaving a void under the concrete. A void can also be created by digging under the slab to run a sprinkler line or cable. Water can also erode away soil. No matter what the cause the result can be costly if not taken care of. At first, you may simply notice a hollow sound when you are walking. You may also notice sections of concrete lifting in the winter time. This occurs when water seeps under the concrete when the ground is frozen. As the water freezes it expands and lifts and possibly breaks the concrete. Precision Concrete Leveling will drill holes and pump in a cement grout to fill the void. After the void has been filled we will consult with you to redirect any water problems and seal the cracks to reduce settling problems in the future.

 Leveling Void Filling

This concrete driveway could have been saved had the void been filled early. This all started when the cable company simply drilled a small hole under the driveway to install their cable. This section of concrete now has to be removed and replaced.



Steps and porches raised and leveled:

This presents a particular problem for the home owner because of inconsistent step heights or a sloping surface in winter. Precision Concrete Leveling uses special methods and equipment to lift and support steps that have sunken. Once again the steps can be used as soon as we are done cleaning up.



Joint and crack sealing:

A crack in the surface of the concrete is a potential path for problems down the road. Water can get under the slab eroding away soil under the concrete. By treating the cracks and joints future problems are minimized. Precision Concrete Leveling uses Sonolastic brand polyurethane sealant.

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