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1. What is mud jacking? (Also known as concrete lifting or leveling)

Mud jacking is a process that raises sunken- concrete back to its original level. This unique process will restore sunken or uneven concrete slabs close to their original grade and alignment with surrounding concrete slabs.

2. Is this a new method for raising sunken concrete?

Mud jacking is a common repair method that has been used for many years. The concept is very simple, but should only be attempted by professionals, as it requires experience and specialized equipment to get the work just right.

3. How does it work?

Several 11/2-inch holes are drilled in the sunken concrete at strategic locations. Concrete slurry is pumped through the holes at extreme pressure. When the void under the sunken concrete is filled with the concrete mixture, the concrete will raise. The holes are patched with shrink proof patching cement and the surface is ready to use.

4. Is there a warranty for the work provided?

Precision Concrete Leveling provides a 1 year warranty against re-settling. If the problem is the result of drainage issues it is important that those issues be addressed as it can void the warranty. We are always happy to consult with the home owner as to remedies.

5. What are the advantages of mud jacking?

Mud jacking is faster, cleaner, and more cost effective. The cost of mud jacking is only a fraction of the cost of replacement. It usually takes hours rather than days to complete the repair. There is little disruption of the surrounding landscape. Mud jacking is usually a permanent fix to many concrete problems.

6. How much does it cost?

The cost varies by the size, condition, and amount the concrete has fallen. Precision Concrete Leveling provides free, no hassle, no pressure estimates.

7. Why is Precision Concrete Leveling the best choice for your concrete repair?

We use a premium quality grout mixture of sand, and Portland cement that is extremely low shrink and 100% stable. We provide fast professional and courteous service to Utah, Salt Lake, Davis and Weber counties.

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