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Bruce Bountiful

"We had several problems with our driveway and sidewalk. My concrete had sunken where it met the garage and the sidewalk going up to the house. We put up with it for several years thinking it would need to be totally replaced. We were excited to discover that Precision Concrete Leveling could take care of our issues fast and for much less money than totally replacing it. Now our driveway and sidewalk looks great and all trip hazards are gone."


Precision Concrete Leveling fixed my sidewalk last fall.  It was nice to have a flat sidewalk when shoveling snow this winter.


The sidewalk and front step on one of my investment homes had dropped about 5 inches. It looked bad from the street not to mention it was a bad trip hazard.  I could not afford to put money into replacing the sidewalk and step. Thanks to Precision Concrete Leveling, it is now level and looks great.


We lived with a sunken sidewalk for 10 to 15 years. I did not realize that it would be so inexpensive and fast to fix. I wish I would have met Precision Concrete Leveling years ago. Great job, thank you.

Paul North Ogden

I have a large set of front steps which had settled and pulled away from the porch. PCL leveled the steps and raised the sidewalk to match the steps. I was very impressed with PCL. Cost: Very reasonable. Workmanship: Excellent. Quick response, on time and professional.

Bob Dautell Draper, Utah

PCL is GREAT!  Curt gave a very honest estimate on our driveway, walkway, and stairs that had settled and moved.  He did just what we wanted and provided input and options with expert knowledge, but no hard sell.  Curt truly wants to do the best.  He was on time, quick, and friendly.  His price matched the quote and he would not take a dime until the work was done and I was happy.  The work looks great and he even liked our dogs hanging out with him while he worked.  While I ohly kew Curt for a brief time while he did the work for us, I'd consider him a friend, all around great guy, and I'd highly recommend him.  He's simply one of the best contractors I've ever worked with.  Thanks guys!

Cassie Kaysville

I want to thank Precision Concrete Leveling for the great service on our driveway.  They were on time, polite, and worked quickly.  Our driveway looks great.  The best part is that their bid came in at half the price of our first quote from another company.  They stuck to their bid.  We couldn't be happier!

Glen Griffin Mapleton, UT

Water draining from a gutter downspout created a hole at the edge of our stamped cornet patio draining water under it.  Making the problem worse, squirrels expanded the hole making a tunnel and private cave under the patio. Sections of the patio began to sink.  Besides looking awful, the varying levels created the risk of someone tripping and falling.  Something had to be done, but what?  Could the sunken areas be jacked up?  What kind of machine could do this?  What then?  Would it be necessary to pour an entirely new patio?  Every idea sounded expensive.  I imagined that this needed home repair was going to cost me two to three thousand dollars.  But fixing the sunken patio had to be done even though it was not in our budget.  When a friend suggested Precision Concrete Leveling, I checked their website which was impressive.  When my call was answered by voicemail, I explained our problem to the machine and a couple hours later was pleasantly surprised when I got a call from Marianne Lybbert who asked if it would be convenient if she came by in 30 minutes to evaluate the problem and give us a bid?  She checked the varying levels of our patio, took pictures and said Curt would call me with a bid.  He did, the same day, explaining that he would pump grout in holes he would drill which would fill in the tunnels made by the squirrels and drainage water--and that this process would raise the sunken sections of the patio.  When he told me the cost would only be $350, I was amazed.  The written bid explained that if more than four loads of grout were needed that $25 per load would be added.  To me, this would be a bargain even if it took ten loads of grout.  The day of the scheduled work, Curt arrived exactly when he said he would.  When he saw the animal tunnels under the patio, he pointed out that it would probably take more loads of grout than Marianne had estimated.  This made perfect sense as I imagined the cave the squirrels had made under our patio.  I was astonished how level the patio became as Curt and his son pumped grout under the uneven sections of the patio.  While they were cleaning up, I asked how many loads of grout it had taken. Curt's answer was another surprise.  "We only needed 4 loads of grout, so the full charge is $350, just as we figured on our original proposal."  Hey, these guys are really something.  I've worked with lots of good contractors and subs (and a few disappointing ones) while building two homes and living in several others over the years.  Curt Lybbert and Precision Concrete Leveling are among the best.  They get high grades from me in every way.  Our patio looks great.  A worrisome problem was solved at a cost much less than I could have imagined.  Besided quality work at a very reasonable cost, it was a joy to with with test guys.  They are reliable punctual, honest, and pleasant. If you need concrete leveling, I highly recommend Curt Lybbert and Precision Concrete Leveling without reservation.

Gary Cox Murray, Utah

PCL did a GREAT JOB on my driveway, patio, and sidewalk.  Marianne"s estimate was "right on" and then she was patient and very communicative when working with me to schedule the job.  Curt's work was beautiful- and he even noticed some work that needed to be done that had not been included in the estimate- and just fixed the problem, including it in the cost estimate!  THANKS!!!!

Melissa Highland, Utah

Over time our driveway had dropped about four inches right next to the garage entrance, making it awkward to pull into the garage.  Curt and his company, Precision Concrete Leveling lifted the concrete perfectly so that pulling into the garage was smooth and worry-free.  Curt also filled some joints and large cracks which has prevented further crumbling.  Now the driveway is smooth and easy to clean when doing yard work.  Curt is honest.  He is a very hard worker and knows what he is doing.  I highly recommend Precision Concrete Leveling.

Lori American Fork, Utah

PCL is a great company to work with. Marianne came when she said she would to write up the specs and take pictures of the areas in my front and back yard.  She got back to me with an estimate really quickly and was great to talk to on the phone.  Very personable.  They were able to fit my job into their schedule and they were just overall great to work with.  I was not able to be there during the day but had my sister Karen available if there were any questions.  She stopped by to observe the work and found it very fascinating.  She reported to me that Curt was really a nice guy and great to work with.  I also really appreciated that PCL's rates are very competitive and a friend who is in construction was amazed at what a great price they charged to do the work and how well the work was done.  Now my patio is even and not sloping in and Curt even filled in a couple of cracks after he had already finsihed the job.  Thank you so much!  Thanks for being a company that a person can trust to do a great job and at a great price.  I would recommend PCL any day.

Dee Conger Cotton Wood Heights, Utah

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Curt again for the great experience I had yesterday while he corrected some concrete problems at my home.  The leveling process was indeed fascinating and I enjoyed watching my concrete driveway and walkway become level right before my eyes.  We had lived with the miss-matched levels for over thirteen years (since we first moved in) thinking that someday we;ll take care of the problem.  I fully expected that I would have to remove my driveway and front walk in order to make it right.  Curt was able to raise the front into perfect alignment.  The price he quoted was entirely reasonable and even though Curt did more than we both expected he refused to accept oayment for the extra work.  I didn;t know there were still people and businesses in s=existence who believed in true service.  I still think I should have paid him for the extra work.  I would not hesitate to recommend PCL to any of my friends or neighbors.  Your work is excellent.  I feel that I have gained a new friend.  If ever you need to show someone an example of your work, feel free to have them contact me.  The best of everything to you and keep up the great work you are doing.

Merle Dastrup Orem, Utah

I would like to thank PCL for the outstanding service that they provided at my son's residence.  The quote price was extremely reasonable and the work that was performed was excellently done.  They did everything they said they would do.  I would hire them again.

Rebecca Reschke Murray, Utah

Our 40 year old home was in need of some concrete work on our front stairs/sidewalk where it had sunk down over time.  I contacted 4 different companies for bids. I chose PCL and was very glad that I did!  They were quick to come over for a free estimate, and scheduled the service promptly for me.  I loved that they were in contact with me via email the whole time, showed up when promised.  I feel they did a great job of my sidewalk/stairs.  I also liked that they were respectfdul of my property and surrounding garden/flowers/landscape.  They cleaned up after and my stairs/sidewalk look great.  Thank you so much.  I would highly recommend PCL to others!

Crystal Chamberlain South Jordan

Working with PCL has been one of the most professional and refreshing customer service exoeriences I have ever received.  We have recently moved into a new home, and every new home comes with its  share of problems.  Upon moving in, we discovered a large void under our garage.  To be safe, we contacted several concrete companies for bids.  PCL was by far the best on their quote and overall service.  They were willing to work with our budget and schedule to get the job done.  Curt showed up exaqctly when he said he would, and finished the job in a snap.  To top it off, he even raised two other sinking spots.  The quality of the work is fantastic, our concrete looks amazing.  We no longer have the stress of the void in our garage!  It's obvious in a money hungry world Curt is out to do an honest days work and help anyone he can.  Thank you so much PCL!!

Jeff & Caroline Brooks West Jordan, Utah

Thanks Marianne for the wonderful job that you and your staff did on the concrete lifting in my driveway.  The staff was always courteous, prompt and professional which is hard to find these days and very refreshing.  I will definitely refer your company to anyone in need of concrete work/repair.  Thanks again.

Scott Hathorn Murray, Utah

I was very impressed with the work PCL did for me from start to finish.  Marianne was very knowledgeable, professional and cheerful when I called to explain the problems with my sidewalks and driveway.  She explained the process and we scheduled a time for the estimate.  The estimate was completed at the time agreed upon.  I was very impressed with the quote I received after the estimate.  It had pictures and all the necessary information.  The work was performed perfectly exactly as the estimate described.  Thank you PCL for the great work.

Matt McKean Murray, Utah

I thought I was going to have to cut out and replace the cement in my garage due to a massive void under it.  When I saw Curt and Tristan working at my neighbors house, I asked for a bid.  The first time they came out they fixed about 8 pieces of cement in the driveway and sidewalk.  It looked fantastic!!  I asked Curt if he would look at the garage as it was sinking several inches in the middle.  He drilled some holes and found the void to be about 8 inches deep under the entire garage.  He planned an entire day and 3 truck loads of sand and cement to fill it up.  Near the end of the day we started to see the cement rise.  It came up to the original level and the stairs came back up to the door.  Wow!!  I never knew cement could be saved like this.  I couldn't believe the money this father and son team had just saved me!  I am recommending Curt and Tristan to everyone I hear that has a concrete problem.  They were on time, every time.  They were very professional and took the time to talk to me and explain what they were doing and how it worked.  Than you PCL!

Lynn Barlow Lindon, Utah

I am so happy with the results.  This has been an amazing process to watch!  As president of the company, you keep everything so organized.

Jeff Bowers American Fork, Utah

PCL came out and raised the concrete under our front walkway and a portion of the driveway next to the garage.  Overall it was a fabulous experience.  If couldn't possibly have gone better.  Curt came out to give us a bid very shortly after we contacted PCL.  He was pleasant, professional and quick.  Using his tablet, he took picutres, recorded his bid, and emailed it to me before he left the prooerty.  A few days later, I had a question about the bid and Curt made another trip out to make sure that we were both on the same page.  Marianne, the Office Manager got us on the scheduled for the next week and she reminded us ahead of time. They came out and did the work while I was gone.  I arrived home to a beautifully completed job and an invoice in my email inbox.  The front walkway was pretty standard, but the portion of our driveway that needed repair was made of 6 roughly triangular pads that all meet in the center.  I was worried that they would still be uneven since the pads had settled to different depths.  Curt warned me that it wouldn't necessarily be possible to even them up completely, but he would do what he could.  The result is as good as sI hoped, and better than I could have really expected.  I enthusiastically recommend PCL for your concrete leveling needs.

Rocky Robello Sandy, Utah

Over the years, our concrete patio and parts of our driveway were in pretty sad shape.  Parts of the patio had settled over 8 inches.  While walking our dogs in the neighborhood, I came across Curt and Tristan lifting concrete.  I spoke with Curt for a few minutes and gave him our w=contact information.  Later that afternoon, Curt stopped by to look at our concrete and give us a bid for the job.  Precision Concrete Leveling came in with the lowest bid out of four others and Curt said he would be able to lift the slab under a wood deck without having to remove the deck.  Two of the other bidders would not work on that slab.  Marianne has gone out of her way to schedule the work around our schedules and get the job done as quickly as possible.  Curt took time to explain how the process works and he showed me how the equipment works and I enjoyed watching our concrete slabs being put back into place.  We are totally satisfied with the work that was done.  It turned out better than we thought it would considering how bad some of our concrete slabs had sunk.  We will be glad to recommend PCL to all of our friends and family.  Excellent workmanship, great customer service and a fair price.  Thank you PCL for making us happy!

Jo Mathews Draper

Just want to tell you how pleased I am with the job that was done this morning.  Curt was on time, knowledgable, professional and helpful.  I had lots of questions as our patio was sinking and concrete had to be lifted.  Job well done!  Thank you.  Jo

Shad Holden Lehi

Precision Concrete Leveling did a great job on lifting sections of our back patio and the adjoining sidewalk.  Curt and Tristan were on time and had the job done in no time at all.  Thank you for the excellent work.  I would highly recommend you guys to anyone who needs some concrete work done.

BJ Harris West Jordan

Hi Marianne, please congratulate your guys for an "exceptional job done".  I know a lot of work went into my projet, but not alot of contractors I know can do the dirty work then leave.  I honestly could not tell they were there other than their results of the job.  Very impressive indeed.  I am totally impressed with the results.  

Sandy Eagle Mountain

Absolutely amazing work!!  Part of my house was about to be ripped down because of how bad my front porch was sinking.  They came out quickly, emailed me a quote and came a few days later to do the work. Their prices are amazingand so is their work.  Very friendly people!!  I would absolutely use them again.

Joanne Brooks Sandy, Utah

What a good and honest family run business in SLC valley.  The wife came to take pictures for an estimate and was confident in the business and pleasant.  Then Curt and his son came and did the job.  It turned out so well.  They are real professionals and will do the job the right way to make it look good and function correctly.  No short cuts, just did it the right way.  We are thrill that our raised and hazardous front walkway is safe and looks good too.


Cory Fisher Springville

I wanted to express my appreciation for the great job you guys did on our cement.  The entire process was painless and I am pleased with the result.  Marianne was so quick answering my questions-and setting up appointments.  I was really amazed.  I also found Curt (and Tristan) to be pleasant and fun to work with.  It is so nice to have the cement steps up to our front door level & more professional looking.  Thanks so much!

Lisa Arns Fruit Heights, Ut.

As a woman and a homeowner, I have not had the best history with trying to work with contractors to get upgrades and repairs done on my home.  Everything from "Where is your Husband?" to "You don;t want that? and attempts at being mansplained into subpar second hand repairs.  Working with Precision Concrete Leveling was shocking in that it was the BEST experience I have had in any situation like this!  Marianne was wonderful, the bid was timely, and on the day of the work, Curt and Tristan were beyond amazing!  They did not mind that I hovered and gave me valuable information to take care of a couple of other issues that I have been facing.  In my opinion, you will not find a better family run business and I will, and hav recommended them to all of my friends and family.  Thank you PCL for the high quality experience and the high quality results!


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